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Sunday, 19 August 2012

One Week Old!

Has it really been a week already? It's hard to believe that this time
last week, I was in a total tiz as Millie was undergoing her C
section. That's one of the worst points in breeding, that is. You can
be moderately sure but never totally certain that your cat will come
out the other side of a C section, and as they take them away, I at
least ask myself why I'm doing this, why I'm risking a cat that I love
to distraction. I hope and pray I never lose a cat to a section, as I
suspect that would be the end of my breeding career right there.

The kittens are doing well and mostly gaining weight well. The
exception is little Apache. She's 30 grams behind 2 of the bigges, and
even the smallest is leading on her by 15. That gap was much, much
greater this morning, but I've spent all day today forcing that kitten
to latch. She's a worry. Even when she's looking for a nipple, she
pushes away from mum and will quite happily crawl off in totally the
wrong direction, still searching all the while. She allows the others
to push her off her teat really easily, and whenever she's done
eating, she will sometimes hiccup for minutes on end. I've been
winding her just like you would a human baby whenever I spot this, but
none of the others are doing it and I don't know why she is. If it
carries on much longer and her weight gain continues to tail off, then
I'll have a vet take a look at her just to get to the bottom of what's
going on. I'm pleased though. She's gained 11 grams today. Even though
she really didn't enjoy being forced to actually point in the right
direction to find a nipple, it's been good for her.

Millie's C section scar is oozing due to the kittens fighting hell for
leather over the back nipples. They really are rough with each other.
I can't help laughing at the bigger ones fighting with each other
accompanied by these tiny, very indignant cries, but when they fight
with Apache, it's not so amusing. She doesn't stand a chance. They're
much heavier and stronger than she, so they win easily. It's also not
fun when it impacts on Millie's healing. Again, if that doesn't stop
soon, I'll be calling in a vet, although I don't know what they can do
to stop the kittens scratching her. I suppose claw clipping is an
option, but at their size, I'd be very reluctant to do it for fear of
clipping more than a claw off!

I know that folks have been requesting photos, and I'd love to oblige
and will do as soon as I'm able. To make it clear to those who don't
know, I rely on others to do my photos for me as I'm blind, so can't
take them myself. The frustrating thing is that I had a friend take a
load of them at 5 days old, but has he sent me them? Nope. I'm going
to attempt to have some more taken tonight, but no promises as I'll be
depending on a very tired, rather grumpy friend to do them for me.
Regardless, as soon as I have new ones, they'll be up here!

So, things are progressing as well as can be expected. Nobody has
doubled their birth weights, but I'm not worried. They were big
kittens! For reference, here are their weights at 1 week old.

Stripe: 172 and the fatty of the litter. She's gained 80 grams in a week!
Apache: 142 grams. The smallest in the litter. She's gained 56 grams
since birth.
Dark red: 171 grams. He's the roughest when it comes to getting the
nipple that he wants regardless of who's in the way, and has gained 64
grams this week.
Cream boy: 156 grams. He was our little weakling who the vet thought
wouldn't survive, but he's done well! He's gained 59 grams since
Bluecream: 165 grams. She's come on loads actually in the last few
days. She's started piling it on, and has gained 72 grams since birth.

So, looking at that, little Apache hasn't done too badly I suppose!
She just seems so tiny against big monsters like Stripe and dark red.

And, drumroll, we have photos! Only one, but hopefully it's worth it!

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