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Friday, 24 August 2012

11 Days and Red Boy Makes It!

Is anyone else having problems with Blogger? The same thing happened
yesterday that happened with the day 10 post. It's never heppened
before, so I don't even think it's something I'm doing wrong.

Anyway, take 2... A second time.

So, the babies are 11 days old now. Yesterday was my first half day
from work (I have one a week), and I relished the extra time I got to
spend with them all.

Red boy managed to double his birth weight yesterday, so they've all
done that now. They're chunking up beautifully. Bodies are staying
nice and short, and their tails look like they're going to be lovely
and dinky.

Apache's weight gain wasn't quite so spectacular yesterday, but she
still managed 9 grams, so I'm just keeping an eye on her. She's a lot
more confident now about fighting for a nipple, and usually gets her
own way, except that Millie has now discovered that if she digs up a
corner of the Vetbed and hides under it, the kittens can't get at her
to suckle. She's bored and it's turning her difficult.

My new kitten pen hasn't arrived as promised either which has me
absolutely fuming. Millie's in a newborn pen which is Ok for the first
little while, but she's definitely ready for more space, and I can't
give her it unsupervised with the kittens, as that More SPace would be
my bedroom and she's desperate to move them. My bedroom has too many
nice, kitten sized, difficult to get at hiding spots, and anyway, I
don't want babies scattered all over the room even if it didn't. So
she gets to come out two or three times a day for an hour or two just
to stretch her legs and say hello to the other cats.

She's been doing a bit of self doctoring though. She's decided that
it's time for her stitches to come out. I haven't even tried to stop
her as she'd just pull at them while in the pen anyway. I'm monitoring
the state of the wound underneath and cutting the stitches as soon as
she's exposed them, and so far, so good. The incision is well healed,
and most of the scabbing is well and truly gone.

The kittens have their first set of bisitors coming down at the
weekend, so lots of photos then, I promise!

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