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Friday, 7 October 2011

Winners, AWOL and Update

I'm so, so sorry I've been AWOL. There's been quite a few reasons for this, but I'll not get into them here. You know, my head's been so mixed up lately that I didn't even realise the competition ended over a week ago! I'm really sorry to those who've been waiting on the results. My memory's rubbish when I'm juggling a lot of things at once. It's no excuse I know, but there it is.

So, off I went to find a random number generator. Everyone who entered got allocated a number and then the generator did its work. The results are in! The winning person is................ Jimmiechew! Congratulations to you, Jimmy, and apologies to all of those who entered and were unlucky. If you'd still like tickets to the Supreme, then drop me a comment or an email and I'll send you the details. Jimmiechew, please drop me an email to telling me where you would like the tickets sent to. Thanks to everyone who entered!

So, last time I wrote, I thought that my boys were going to their new home together. Sadly, that all fell through, but Porker was chosen! He left the Saturday after my last post, and he's doing just fine! I had expected him to do the usual cat thing when they get to a new home and hide for at least the first 24 hours. When my phone rang later that night, I expected it to be the new owners asking what they could do to make him more comfortable. Turns out, they were worried about leaving him alone in his safe room because he was crying so much to come out! As soon as the carrier door was opened, he came straight out, had an explore, then in typical Porker fashion, stuffed his face with food... Yep, that's one really scared kitten, don't you agree?

I'd advised the new owners to keep him in his safe room for quite a few days to let him accustom himself to the new people and smells, but as he was so upset at being left alone, he was allowed out at my suggestion. Within a few hours of arriving, he'd come bounding down the stairs, played with toys, climbed onto his new dad's shoulder, then curled up in his new mum's lap to help her write a quick message to a still crying me to let me know that things were going swimmingly. I couldn't have asked for a better result! The two little boys love him dearly too. If only I could find homes as perfect as that for all my little ones!

Hamster remains here (forgive me if I slip. We call him Paws, but i've tried to continue to use Hamster for the sake of continuity on the blog. If I use Paws, it's him I'm talking about). He and Millie play very happily together now, and he's really come out of himself since Porker, now called Bianco, left. He doesn't allow himself to be bullied any more, and there's been a time or two I've caught him walloping on Millie! He's turning into a very confident, outgoing, affectionate little boy. When Bianco initially went, I was convinced that I was going to keep Paws, but I think that was due to the grief of letting my first kitten go. Now I'm ready for him to move on, but for some strange reason, I've had no interest in him! I'm taking him, his sister and his mum to a cat show tomorrow though, so hopefully that'll generate some positive interest. The older he gets, the more he types up, and the amount of coat he has is just to die for! I suspect he's going to turn out to be a real little stunner. He still sleeps on my pillow, and he and Millie have discovered that they don't need to fight for space any more, as there's space on either side of my head. Tia sleeps at the bottom of the bed on my side, so I've had to twist myself into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes to accommodate them. This morning I woke up with a face full of kitten belly, and an inquisitive little nose shoved in my eye... It's quite a way to start the day, I promise you!

So that's it for now. Everything's going well here. Millie weighed in at 1.5 KG at her last check which was on Monday, so she's really piled on the weight! They're all eating dry food now too. I won't write as frequently on this blog any more, but will update it to reflect any big happenings at the Moonspun cattery. Please check back often, and keep an eye on the website too, as I'll post any news up there as well.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. It's been an incredible one. I'll look back on these posts in a few weeks, and it'll bring back the marvel all over again as I read about their development. I can honestly say that this has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. It's also been one of the hardest, but I wouldn't change it.