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Monday, 11 June 2012

Latest Happenings with the Moonspun Gang

Yet again, it's been a long time since I last updated, but life has been hectic. My hours in my job have changed, and I'm ridiculously tired at the end of the day!


Well, lots has happened since last I wrote. Tia has been out to stud, but unfortunately didn't take, so now follows a waiting game with her to get her in a nice, strong call again so that I can get her out again. Millie, meanwhile, started calling at 9 months and called her little head off! She's so confused with it, bless her, and has been trying to coax plastic bags, slippers and even my friend's trouser leg into mating her! He wasn't impressed, but I was highly amused. I found the perfect boy for her though, and she went off a few days ago.

Unlike her mother, Millie is nice and easy to mate at stud. She's coming home today, and fingers crossed that pinking up will follow very shortly! I'll be expecting black, blue, red or cream solid boys and tortie and bluecream solid girls from this mating. The boy has a fab pedigree and Millie carries some gorgeous lines, so fingers are very virmly crossed for a nice show baby from this lot.


In other news, I shall be having another little girl come to live with us at the end of this week. Choxibox Moonspun Mirage is coming all the way vrom bonny Scotland to stay with us. I'm so excited that I've been counting down the days for about the last month! She's from lines that I've been wanting to import for about half a year now, so to find a breeder who has two of those cats, let alone mated them and got a show baby from the mating, is incredible! To say I'm chuffed would be an understatement. She's a little seal tortie point, and is very cute in her photos, or at least, so I'm told.


I'm building a stud run as we speak, as, by the end of this year, I really need to have my own boy. Finding a good quality boy this year has been a nightmare, and as a result, I won't be producing colourpoints. I can't let that continue as I love the CPs so much, so have decided that I really need to have my own boy. I've laid the base for stud quarters, or should I say that my friends have (I merely made cups of tea and heckled from the safety of the kitchen). The stud quarters will be set up in the next few weeks, and then all that remains is for me to find a good enough boy!


So things are really happening around here. Although I won't be producing CPs in 2010, I'm really looking forward to my little solid babies. I can't wait to have kittens around again.