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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Yet again, I've not updated this blog in ever such a long time, and
I've got lots to tell!

It's been two years almost to the day that I had my first litter of
kittens, the event being celebrated by my gorgeous Millie turning 2
yesterday. Oh how much has happened in that two years. I've had 8
babies. My cat numbers have grown from 1 to 5, nope, that's not a
typo, 5 now, not 4. My house has totally been taken over by cats. My
life seems to revolve around breeding... This lark is not for the
faint hearted!

Lots is happening here. I'm in the process of having my website
updated, and all I can say is... Watch this space! It's going to be
something very, very special.

As to other news? Well, where to start! Quite a few months ago, I
thought very long and very hard, and came to the decision that
Moonspun needed to have a boy. The reasons for this are many and
complicated, but to keep it very simple, I breed to give something
back, not just to produce some cute kittens. All of the colourpoints
at public stud either weren't the quality I needed or weren't PKD
tested, something I insist on if I'm to produce kittens from that
parent. So I was stuck. I'd either have to do what I did with Millie
and go to a stunning solid, but would dilute the CP genes and end up
with a CP carrier, or i could search for the perfect boy to join my
household, thereby ensuring that I could have a really good quality
boy for all my girls.

St.Jude Tiffany (honestly, that's his name) joined us at the start of
April. He's an absolutely stunning boy. Gorgeous type, nice and cobby
with a massive deep chest, and oh man, what a lovebug! He never, ever,
ever gets enough of cuddling, even if he's just finished a mammoth
session he still asks for more! He purrs for England even before you
start stroking him. He has such an easy coat to manage, and he's very
sweet with all the other cats even if they still don't like him very
much sadly.

I built him the most enormous stud run, outfitted it and everything,
and he hardly uses it. He's such a clean lad and doesn't spray which
means he can stay in and just be part of the family. he goes out in
the day to bird watch while I'm at work and otherwise lives just like
any of the girls do.

He's been trying hard to mate the girls, but he's still a baby and
practicing, so gets it wrong more often than right. However, I'm very
quietly hopeful that he's managed to get Gabby, so hopefully we'll
have some babies in about 6 weeks! Millie's almost ready to go out
with him again, so I'm hopeful that we'll have more than one litter
this year!