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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Update at last!

Hi there, folks. Apologies that I disappeared from blogging so
suddenly, but after Blogger started to throw up issues for me, I
simply couldn't post. It even stopped me posting by email which meant
I couldn't get on at all. When I finally got that sorted out (not too
long ago), other bits and pieces started happening which meant that I
just didn't have the energy to blog, emotional or physical. Hopefully
most of that's behind me now, so I should be back on the straight and

So, where to begin! I can't specifically remember the last time I
wrote, and as I'm at work and Blogger is blocked, I can't even look
back. I know it was when the kittens were here, so I'll go from there.
Thankfully, 4 out of the 5 kittens found absolutely smashing homes to
go to. The reason the fifth didn't find a home is because she's still
here with me. I needed or rather wanted, a home that would mean I
could have a kitten from her in the future, as the bloodline I got
with the dad was stunning, and I'd not get another chance at it, but
the right home never presented itself. That meant that little Apache
stayed here with me, and what a treasure she is. She's the cuddliest
cat I own, and believe me, that's saying something! She's totally
devoted to me which is such a nice feeling considering that most of my
others show a marked preference for my housemate. She sleeps with me,
follows me, talks to me, even tries to suckle on me (something I'm
firmly discouraging). That started after her brothers and sisters left
for their new homes, out of anxiety I'm assuming.

In the end, my cream boy and bluecream girl went to a lovely couple
who already have an older cat. They've settled in so well, and have
blossomed into total cuddlemonsters by all accounts. Bluecream, now
Ursula, is a mummy's girl, and cream Orson has adopted his mum's
habbit of deciding he wants to be a shoulder cat, which thankfully his
chosen human loves.

My red boy went to another lovely couple, who, after not being able to
take Apache as well, went out and found him a little sister so that he
would have company to play with. Now named Sir Montague Redginald
(isn't that a grand name?) Monty for short, he's turned into a little
terror! He climbs into the fridge if they're not quick enough for
food, scuttles behind drawers and refuses to come out until he's good
and ready, literally climbs people if they don't pick him up when
asked... But they love him all the more for his naughtiness. Just as

Stripe, now named Penny, went to live with a family, to be the spoiled
little playmate of an 11 year old girl who loved her from the minute
she saw her. I love watching kids with my cats, and this little one
was no acception. She was so gentle, so considerate, so eager to play
with them that soon, every single kitten was climbing all over her!
She needed no prompting from her mum and dad to play nicely. She was
such a poppet, and a total credit to her parents, and I had no
trepidation in letting my precious tortie go home with her. Penny has
settled in magnifficently, and regularly plays Thundering Herd of
Elephants with the family's middle cat (if you consider her the
youngest), who is a sprightly 12-year-old! Thankfully, he seems to be
able to hold his own with a tortie tear away. Penny is even respectful
of their very old girl, and will not hassle her at all, something I'll
admit I was worried about.

So all's well that ends well, and my kittens are thriving and happy.

Tia was neutered at the end of last year along with the kittens. I
decided that at 5 and a half, and with no sign of a potential stud
being available, it was time to neuter her. She's much happier for it.
She's turned so soppy that, the minute you sit down, she's climbing on
you for a fuss. She's bulked up a lot, and her coat! Man, her coat is
now huge! Far bigger than it ever was when she was entire! I think
it's the best thing I could have done for her. Tia is now showing in
the Household Pets section under the name Tia Maria (I know, not
original at all), but she's loving it! At her first show last week,
she got her first MC, beating off stiff competition to do it. Well
done Tia!

Apache is also doing well at shows. She's been out twice now, and each
time has taken 1st and BoB in her open. At her last show last week,
Apache went on to win Best Opposite Sex non-colourpoint kitten, which
I'm so, so pleased with. For a home-bred girl of mine to go across the
tables for BIS is just thrilling! And to get this at only her second
show? Well, I'm chuffed!

Millie went to her first show as an adult as well, and you could tell
she hadn't been out in months. She didn't particularly enjoy her day,
but I will stick by my three show rule and see if she's settled by the
third. I shall choose my judges wisely though, so that hopefully she
will champion in that time. She got her first CC and BoB last week,
and also went across the tables, although I was in two minds about
whether to withdraw her or not as she really wasn't happy.

And then there's Gabby. Well, what a champion that girl is! She's been
at 4 shows now from memory, and not once has she been beaten in her
open. She's taken 1st and BoB every time, and, at her first adult show
last week, she got a CC and a glowing report. Perhaps I should start
putting reports up here to let you all see. Gabby has always placed
well in her side classes, and last week was no exception. She then
went across the tables and we came away with Best Opposite Sex
Colourpoint adult. Although it wasn't BIS, this is something to be
proud of, as it was at a Colourpoint show, which means strong
competition! We're still working on Gabby's manners though, as she
will still occasionally think about showing the judges her teeth in
typical naughty tortie fashion!

The show last week was a particular success. One of my proudest
moments actually. Let me summarise how we did.

I took 4 cats, 3 of whom went across the tables for Best in Show. Tia
didn't as she didn't get BiC, something you need to be considered. 2
of the 3 that went across the tables were home bred.
From that, 2 of my 4 cats won best opposite sex, 1 adult and 1 kitten
We came home with:
20 rosettes
5 snazzy picture frames with special awards
3 BoB awards
3 certificates
£20 won in a lucky pen competition
A bed and a kickeroo won at a raffle
A food dispenser, also won at a raffle
A red card day for my kitten
4 goodie bags packed full of lovely treats for the cats
And 4 of the best cats in the world!

It feels lovely to have this success on the show bench, and hopefully
it'll continue. My own cat club is holding their show in Reading this
week, so hopefully I'll have a similar tale of success to report. I'll
also have 2 of my kittens being shown in Household Pets, so fingers
crossed for them too! Watch this space.