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Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 8 and Apache Gains!

We're on day 8 now and all babies are doing nicely.

Today was my first day back at work since they arrived with us and it
was awful! I work long hours 3 days a week so that I can have a short
day and a half day for the cats. Today was a long day, and I spent
every minute of it fretting over Apache. When I phoned at lunch time,
it was to find out that my housemate who was supposed to be keeping an
eye to them all hadn't latched Apache since 6 that morning. Well, that
was me in full panic mode, even though he assured me he'd get on the
case and rectify things. I couldn't wait to get home and was almost
sick with worry imagining that little scrap fading away and being
bullied off the nipple without anyone to help her fight her corner.
However, at her weigh in tonight, she managed to gain 7 grams all by
herself! I'm over the moon! She's now 150, 35 grams behind the biggest
and a massive 20 behind the next smallest. But, if she keeps on with
these big gains, I'm really not all that worried as she'll hold her
own and that's all that matters.

I got my first stereo purr last night while they were all suckling. I
think I had 3 going at once along with mum. What a sound that is! I
also got a little purr from Apache when I picked her up. She's
hiccupping a lot after feeding, so whenever I notice it, I take her
out and birp her. Last night, while tapping away on her chest, she
started to purr! I could hardly believe my ears, but there it was.
Mind you, it was followed by a ridiculously big birp for such a tiny
girl, so perhaps it was just relief!

Kittens are now being snuggled more, or as much as they will permit
anyway. Bluecream and Apache are little dolls when you pick them up.
Dark red screams like you were ripping his head off, cream boy
generally moans, and little Stripe is, I'm sure, trying to set a new
world record for the longest, loudest, shrillest kitten scream ever
recorded! Mind you, she's such a drama queen that she even does this
when her mum is washing her. In fact, that's even worse than when
she's picked up. I've thought more than once that her mum must be
hurting her, but no. Obviously the indignity of having your bum washed
is not to be stood for even as a baby!

My housemate reports that Apache's eyes are beginning to slit today,
so we should start seeing little blue peepers in the next few days.
Photos as and when, I promise you!

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