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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 2 and Photos!

So, the kittens are now 36 hours old. Weight gains were super yesterday morning, but have tailed off somewhat since. My little light red boy gained 6 grams, but has lost 3 of those since yesterday. I've given him some nutri-drops as they're so good at perking up a weak kitten, but if he still hasn't gained by tonight then I'll resort to topping him up.

Millie remains an excellent mum, although she hasn't quite got the hang of cleaning yet. She'll stimulate them beautifully, but then doesn't quite know what to do to get rid of this icky stuff that comes out of them, so not only am I cleaning kits, but her as well! She's never been as fastidious as Tia in the grooming department, and it does show when she relies on me to do something about all the mess. Still, it's a very small price to pay for such an excellent mum.

The kittens are doing what kittens do and all fighting over the one nipple. Forget the fact that there's enough to go round and some spare for good measure. Nope. If one has it, they all want it, and then when that one goes off to find a new spot, they all want that as well!

We've now decided that the pale kitten is a bluecream which means I have 3 girls and 2 boys. Fab split, isn't it?

Apache is already a cuddler and doesn't even cry when she's picked up to be weighed.

Dark red boy squeals like you were killing him (why is it that the fattest ones always put up the most fuss!).

Stripe also regularly has a good gripe when you do anything with her.

Light red is a cuddler, although with him, that's not necessarily a good thing. I want him to put up a fight rather than stay placid.

Bluecream? Well, sometimes she cuddles, sometimes she cries.

I managed to get some photos last night, so enjoy! Let's hope they upload as I'm not sure I'm doing this right... And there's no guarantee that kits are in the right place either! For those of you thinking about breeding your moggies just because you'd like a cute litter of kittens, I'd ask you to note the size of my poor girl's incision in the tummy shot. It's not the most photogenic, but I think it's important for people to appreciate the risk that goes into even considering having a litter.

Until tomorrow.


Hannah and Lucy said...

What cute little babies - and all different coloured furs.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Sweet Purrfections said...

What a beautiful group of kittens! We'd lost contact with you lately and were wondering how things were going.

The Chair Speaks said...

Sweet babies! It's great they have different colours and markings!

Keisha said...

Oh my goodness, they are all so adorable! :)

hopeygirl7 said...

How adorable!!