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Monday, 13 August 2012

Further Update and New Kittens!

Well folks, sorry I haven't updated on here in quite some time, but
I've been absolutely run off my feet with work, bringing in a new girl
and now kittens!

Gabby, Choxibox Moonspun Mirage, has arrived and is a little hooligan,
albeit a mighty cute one. She goes from sleep to full run whenever she
goes anywhere, with nothing in between! She jumps on the bigger girls
and totally ignores their hisses and growls at being so rudely
molested. She eats like a trooper and is so full of character that I
wonder how it all fits into such a tiny body! She's gorgeous!

Millie took at stud and went into full labour yesterday. Unfortunately
she required a C section late last night, but on the up side, that
resulted in 5 gorgeous babies, 2 tortie girls, 2 red boys and a very
pale kitten who will either resolve into a cream or a bluecream. The
smallest was 86 grams and the largest 107, so quite good weights
really. My little light red boy was very weak when he was brought
home. Cold, listless, not moving his head and barely breathing. I sat
with him for hours getting him going, rubbing, warming, helping him
latch, and I'm pleased to say that he made it through the night. This
morning, they've all transformed from wet, bedraggled little waifs
into little fatties with full tummies. They all gained except my pale
kitten, and he (he'll remain a he until we see otherwise) only lost 2
grams which is nothing concerning at all. They're all nice and
viggorous too, such a difference from her mum's litter last year.

Millie is an excellent mum. Even before she was fully awake after her
op, she was cleaning them, and the pale boy was suckling even before
we got them home again! She's been so attentive to them all night
long, and apart from the usual silly first time mum trick of
accidentally sitting or lying on them, or not hooking them back when
they wander off, she's been so perfect it's unreal.

Tia is naturally very interested in all the kitten squeaking coming
from my bedroom, but Gabby couldn't give a hoot and I think is
secretly enjoying the peace of not being shouted at by a very
pregnant, very grumpy Millie.

As before, I'll update you as often as I can on progress, hopefully on
a daily basis as it's so nice to follow their progress that way.

Birth weights (they were born at about 8 last night):
Stripe (one of the torties): 92 grams, now 95.
Apache (because when I picked her up, I asked "is that a patchy one?"
and it stuck, another tortie: 86 grams and the smallest of the litter,
now 95!
Dark red boy: 107 grams, now 117!
Light red boy: 97 grams, now 103.
Pale boy: 92 grams, now 90.

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Timmy Tomcat said...

Congrats to the new Mom.