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Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 12 and Apache Does It!

Day 12 is now upon us! The kittens are chugging along quite nicely
now, although they seem a little perturbed by some of the changes that
went on earlier. Millie decided she was going to upend the whole
litter tray, then do a victory dance in the water bowl. The resultant
mulch meant that I had to pull all the bedding out for washing, and
put some clean stuff in. Of course, clean stuff, while it smells sort
of familiar, doesn't have mummy smell all over it yet, so they weren't
too keen on the change. It didn't take them long to settle back down

The vet came to remove the last of Millie's stitches today. She'd done
the majority of them herself, naughty girl, and it's just as well the
wound underneath was well healed! I was paranoid about her doing
herself a mischief whilst pulling though, so thought it safer that the
vet removes the last of them in a controlled fashion.

Finally, Apache has broken 200 grams! She's now sitting comfortably at
202, while the biggest, red boy, is now at 232, so now apache is
holding her own! They're all progressing with handling now too.
initially when you pick them up, Apache has a very cute little chunter
to herself. She's not crying, just talking. Bluecream also does this.
Cream boy just carries on slepeing now, he's such a pro. Red boy
whines and little fat Stripey still squeals. However, they can now be
quietened with a kiss on the top of the head to remind them that I'm
not a horrible big monster (yes, I know i'm soppy, but they're
kittens! The rules say that you have to kiss kittens! They also make
allowances for only doing it in private thankfully. Gotta maintain
some street cred, after all!). They will all go quiet now if I snuggle
them under my chin, and they'd sit there for hours if I'd let them.
Bluecream flops on her back when I touch her which means I just have
to give her a chest tickle (I don't do tummies until they learn to
control their toiletting, for obvious reasons).

I got the first meow to me today. I've no idea who it was, but I don't
think it was a fluke. I warned new owners that these cats are likely
to be conversationalists, and it looks like I was right!

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