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Monday, 11 July 2011

Two Weeks Old!

Well, they've all made it. They're two weeks old today!

In the post following this, I'll hopefully have a friend put up some pictures so that you can see them all, but my have they grown! The Baby has now trippled her birth weight, coming in at a whopping 240 grams. Quite an achievement when you remember that she was only 71 when she was born! Porker is still the biggest at 268, and Hamster still the smallest at 234. However, he did gain 13 grams in the last 12 hours mostly on his own, so I'm chuffed to bits!

They had their first real handling session tonight by someone other than me. I had a visitor over who is cat mad. The kittens were all quite sleepy after a big feed, so stayed nice and quiet and relaxed as she picked them up for a cuddle. They were surprisingly well behaved! Their colour is just starting to come in, but it's not defined enough to tell what it is yet. These are exciting times, as I'm desperate to know what I've got!

Tia shouted all of last night at me as well, so I have tentatively decided... I think... to let her have free run of the bedroom tonight and see if that shuts her up. I will monitor kitten weights very closely though, and if they lose, then she'll be penned again. I just don't trust her enough to stay in with them as she should, but I guess I'll have to sooner or later. Really I have to work out whether my nerves can stand knowing that she has free run of the place! I don't know if I'll do it, but that's the plan anyway. Wish me luck!

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