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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 24

Looks like my promise to update every day has been broken. It's hard to find the time sometimes though, what with kitten caring night and day, keeping mum happy, cleaning trays, feeding a ridiculous amount of food at all hours, and keeping up with my own life on top of it. I will still try to update every day, but sorry now if I don't manage it always in the future.

Well, today we've had huge steps forward! As usual, it's my little girl that's made them.

Lately, the weight gains have yo-yoed a little bit, so although it's early,, I thought it about time they started solids. They're so big, or at least, the boy is, that I'm sure they're about ready for them, and their teeth have come in already, or Porker and the Baby's have, so they're able to handle the food. Up until now though, nobody was interested. Porker would lick my finger if I got some gravy on it, and he had a wail of a time yesterday when I put a bowl of blended food down and he went paddling, but he didn't appreciate it as food, and mum didn't thank me for the cleaning job he needed once he was done playing!

I got a new brand today, Nature's Menu, just to try and see if fussy pants Tia would consider eating it. Well, as soon as I put it down, she was straight in there! I've never seen food disappear so quickly! It is a patae consistency, perfect for little mouths, so I thought I'd try some with the kittens. Hamster wasn't interested at all, and just cried when I smeared some on his mouth for him to taste. Porker was more interested and had a good lick of the mush on my finger, but whenever he got anything more than juice, he pushed it out of his mouth and had to be coaxed to lick a little more. But the Baby, well, she loved it! She doesn't know how to chew, but boy does she know how to lick, and as soon as she got a taste of that food, she started to suck for all she was worth. I kept giving her gobs of the stuff, and she ate about a teaspoon full. She got more on her than in her, bless her, but it wasn't for the lack of trying! However, she wouldn't eat from the bowl at all. She backed away as though she was scared of it, but let's hope the smell draws her back.

They've all lost weight today, all except Porker, and he's only gained 3 grams. The two smaller ones got dosed with nutri-drops which usually makes them ravenous, so let's hope they gain a lot during the night. I'm glad that when they do gain, they put it on massively, as it means they can lose a bit without it becoming dangerous. Still though, it concerns me until I see that they've gained again.

So, it looks as though I'm going to have to start litter training soon. Oh joy! Only problem is that Tia won't let the kits out of the bed yet. Whenever they head off for an explore, she drags them back, plops them down and washes them until they give up trying to escape. I can't put a litter tray in the bed, so I forsee problems just round the corner!

Pictures are likely to be another few days in coming, I'm afraid. The ones that were taken on week three still haven't been sent to me, and the next time I have anyone up to see me, it'll be Saturday, so probably Sunday by the time I get someone to put them on the blog for me. It really frustrates me that I can't get the pictures when I want them!

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