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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Three Weeks Old

Yet again, I've failed to update when I really should have. This time really wasn't my fault though. I had a post all written, and just as I was about to hit publish, the computer crashed and deleted the whole thing. To say I was fuming would be a drastic understatement, as I stayed up till well past 11 last night writing it up so that you wouldn't miss another day.

The kittens turned three weeks old yesterday. Well, in all honesty, they officially reached 3 weeks old at 10 this morning, as that's when their 21st day had been totally completed. They're walking much better now, and Porker is even happy to be picked up. To say he enjoys it is probably pushing the boat out too far, but he's very sweet. He will cry and cry until I snuggle him in against my neck. Then he's happy to sit still or just crawl around. As long as he has his face against my skin, he's a contented little lad. I used to snuggle him like this when he was a really tiny baby so that he'd have my smell before his eyes opened and I turned into a giant scary monster, and I guess he remembers.

Hamster is so used to being handled that he rarely complains, unless I'm helping Tia out by doing their bums. He'll scream then, but he sounds more indignant than really upset, and miss Tia rarely complains as she knows I'm taking away one of the most unpleasant tasks of being a cat mum. Yesterday, Hamster peed so much that I thought he was going to flood the baby wipe! And poor Tia would have had to clean all that! No wonder she isn't drinking a lot!

The Baby still screams every time I pick her up, no matter what I do with her, but then, she's had the least handling of them all as she's been very self sufficient. It's something I'm going to have to change though, but it's hard, as when she cries, mum comes running and generally gets in the way. Whenever the kittens interact with me now, Tia will come and lie full on that particular kitten, or plop her head on it until it gives up. I suspect she's jealous though. She's purring the whole time, and obviously wants cuddles from me, as if I'm stroking her with one hand and tickling a baby with the other, she really doesn't care. She doesn't mind if the Baby squeaks while she's still in the box either. She's started to let me pick her up a bit more too, so I think she's realising that she needs to work a little to get the sole attention that she's used to now.

It's odd, but even though she's the squealer, the Baby has purred twice now when I've been stroking her. Granted, both times she was very sleepy, but still, it's progress! It only lasted for about 10-20 seconds, and then she opened her eyes, realised it was that big, evil, mean, tummy tickling giant monster, and screamed as though I was murdering her slowly and painfully, but she did purr! Porker did once too, but then decided it would be more fun to roll over, grab my hand and lick my finger into submission. He's such a scary big boy that I trembled in fear and he won the battle. He graciously allowed me to tickle his belly without interference after that. A true gentleman to give me such a pleasure!

I'll give you the weights from yesterday rather than today so that you can see just how much they've grown, and boy have they done just that! Are you ready for this?

The Baby: 316 grams.
Hamster: 325 grams
Porker: 384 grams.

Aren't they getting enormous? Porker is racing ahead of the others, but he'll need to start eating solids soon. He's cutting his teeth already, even though they're not supposed to appear for another whole week yet, and he's constantly nursing, so I suspect he's very hungry. But he's now a whopping 59 grams ahead of his closest sibling, and my little sickly boy has overtaken my feisty little girl! Everyone's just doing fantastically well!

I know I promised you pictures, but the person who was supposed to take them for me said that his computer is broken, so even though he's got the pictures on his camera, I can't get them sent to me as there's no way of doing it. I'll get another friend to take some on my phone tonight, and I'll get them up as soon as possible.


Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

How exciting to read about Tia's kitten's progress while I'm following the progress of my future kittens. They will be 6 weeks and 5 weeks old this week. I'm scheduled to visit on Thursday to make my "choices."

Mom Paula

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, they ARE getting big! We can hardly wait to see the pictures. :)