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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 13

Well I'm tired and discouraged today. Just as I thought everything was going swimmingly, the babies have stopped gaining weight. Overnight, Porker actually lost 4 grams, and that's never happened before! They've gained a little today, but hardly any at all. I've given Tia some urtica to help her milk come in a bit stronger, but either it's not working, or milk isn't the problem with these little ones. Who knows? I'm at my whit's end! I'm going to leave them to it tonight, helping only when they cry, and hopefully things will be back on track by the morning. Man, I can't wait till these kittens are weaned and eating on their own. then I'll worry much, much less, as there's less depending on Tia.

She's been out of the pen today, but not half as much as usual. She didn't eat much this morning, so I made her some fish and chicken and mixed that with her food. She's eaten a little chicken, but all the fish is gone, so I'm hoping that will sort her out. I've given her another fish food mixture for this evening, and I'll feed her again in the middle of the night too. Let's hope it's enough!

I had their eyes checked today, and they're all opened nicely. Perfect! They'll be two weeks old tomorrow, so you'll have some pictures to look at then, hopefully. Boy have they grown!

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