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Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 25... I Think

Well, today the kittens were kept very busy with their first long stay visitor. They've been handled by people for brief periods, but I had a friend over today who spent a whole afternoon adoring them, and what little flirts they were! Porker climbed out of the box at one point. Ok, he needed a little help and a boost, but that's what happens when you try and grip with your back feet and they slide out from under you because you just happen to be standing in the cat food bowl. Poor little boy didn't know what to do when he managed to get up and over. He hung over the side for a moment, claws scrabbling wildly until I came to his rescue and helped tip him out. But then there was this great expanse of carpet to contend with. He took one look, plopped himself down, and didn't move. We sat on the floor with him and arranged our legs so that he had a boundary to work with. Once we'd done this, he was off, but it was me he was interested in. He came right up and nuzzled in against my leg. i tell you what, if I didn't already love them with all of my heart, it would have totally been theirs at that point. To have him come to me when there were so many new and interesting things to do, well, it just blew me away.

When it was the Baby's turn, she came right out and had a sit on my knee for about five minutes. This is the longest she's ever stayed with me without crying, and as you can see by the photos, she was enjoying herself! Hamster had a snuggle too, and seemed very keen to look all around him, but less keen to explore on his own just yet.

When my friend left, it was time for me to be the big, mean scary person again, because it was claw clipping time. I've been putting it off for ages because the idea of clipping claws that tiny terrifies me, but it really needed done. So, one by one, I subjected them to the torture of being held still and cooed to while tips were snipped painlessly away. Well, by their screams of protest you'd have sworn it was torture anyway! Porker did twitch at one point and I took a claw off rather short. it bled a little, but I stopped it quickly enough. I felt guilty as anything though, but it didn't seem to bother him. I hope those claws grow slowly, because I don't want to do them again until they're much bigger! By the time I was finished, I'd broken out in a cold sweat and everything!

The Baby wasn't so interested in solid food this morning, but Hamster ate a load of it! I'm wondering if I got the pair of them mixed up yesterday. It's easy to do because they're so similar in size and shape. you know, it wouldn't surprise me to find that Hamster is also a girl when they go for their check up at nine weeks old. He's more similar to the Baby than to Porker. What do you think from the photos? They were taken today when my friend was over. I think you can see that their points are starting to come in nicely now, but I'm still not sure what colours I've got. I wish they'd hurry up, because I need to register them soon!

Ok, so picture order is Porker, then Porker with mum, Hamster and lastly, the Baby. I'm thinking about a propper name for her, and I don't know why, but I've settled on Dora. It wasn't what I'd planned. I had a list of beautiful pedigree names all picked out, but Dora just feels so right for her. We have a programme for kids called Dora the Explorer, and it fits this little girl so well. She's been the first to do everything! Also, if we're getting sentimental about it, Dora is contained in adorable, and she definitely is that! Opinions?

They all put on a fair bit of weight again last night. Those nutri-drops are a godsend!

My mum and a family friend are coming down this evening, so kittens will be subject to more cuddling and adoration. Somehow I don't think they'll mind one little bit! I'll write tomorrow to tell you all how it went. Right now, I could do with some sleep. Tia had me up every hour like clockwork from 3:30 this morning, and I'm really feeling it! These cats are more work than human babies!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not expert in colors but the points look red - so flame or creme points.

Maybe the just haven't darkened enough though.