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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 12

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I had a friend visiting and the day just ran totally away from me!

With these kittens, one day blurs into another and it's hard to remember what happened when. I'm really enjoying looking back through this diary already to appreciate all the little milestones we've achieved. Yesterday was one.

As I've told you, all the babies seem to enjoy a chest tickle. Tia had disappeared from the box, but had charged me with the duty of kitten sitting while she went off. This was done by shouting at me until I came to investigate, at which point she walked off, only to return again and shout at me when I dared to assume it was Ok to leave the kittens and go back to what I was doing. I took the hint and stayed put. While I was waiting, I thought I'd do a spot of tickling. Well, at one point I had all three babies on their backs with their paws stretched right the way out. Boy do I wish I'd been able to take pictures! The Baby's gotten to enjoy it so much now that if I stop before she's had enough, she'll squeak at me until I give her some more. Like mother like daughter, it seems, as neither hesitate to tell me off!

Weight gains have been poor today and I don't really know why. Tia's been out of the box, but no more so than usual. I've just attached them again, and although I want to go to bed, I'll let them finish feeding before I move them.

Neither the Baby nor Hamster cry now when I pick them up, and although this is a joy for me, it also makes things difficult. One of the chief ways I tell them apart is their meow now that they're all so close in weight, and if they don't cry, sometimes I'm scuppered! I normally work it out though.

That's about it unfortunately. I'll attempt to get more pictures of them all tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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