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Monday, 25 July 2011

4 weeks old!

Well, they're four weeks old today, and what a whirlwind month it's been! From tiny, helpless babies who did nothing but sleep and suck, or in Hamster's case, just sleep, to fighting, running, exploring little hooligans. The transformation has been quite amazing to watch!

I told you that they learned to bite almost overnight. They seemed to have done the same when it comes to moving fast, and escaping! As soon as I take the front off that pen, the kits are clambering over the front. The Baby now throws herself over, whereas Porker sort of flops. He'll climb up the side where the bedding reaches higher, then move to the front and get his front paws and head over the lip. There then follows a period of him being a seasaw with his tummy as the fulcrum point. He pushes with his back feet, then goes head down, then thinks twice about it and pushes with his front feet to get back into the box. Eventually he gets brave and flops out usually onto his head. Again, I'm thankful for thick carpets! The kits have only been allowed out under close supervision and for short periods, but they love it! Hamster enjoys being out, but he's not brave enough to do it himself yet. He'd rather climb the mesh when it's on the pen and scream at me to pick him up. The Baby does this regularly, and Porker will occasionally. It's very sweet, as they quiet immediately if I take them out for a cuddle.


Porker gained weight thankfully, and although his meow is still bubbly, he's running around like there's nothing wrong with him at all. Hamster lost so much weight that he put himself back to where he was yesterday. He broke 400 this morning, but is right back down to 395 again. however, it's meant his sister could catch him up, and I think this is important, as it'll stop her being pushed out as much when it comes to feeding.


Hamster also did something else this morning. I woke up to find a kitten with a very mucky, smelly back end, and a nice little present for me on the bedding. Hamster had done his very first poo! We breeders are obsessed with cat poo. Ok, perhaps that's a little too strong, but when a cat is ill, some of the biggest tell-tales are found in the litter tray. So I got very excited when I saw this. He actually passed some solids! So the kitten litter tray went in the pen today, and JP, a friend of mine, even made a little ramp for them to get in and out nice and easily. They've all been in there for an explore, and when I did their bums tonight, I put them in the tray to do it, then buried the pee-soaked wipes in the litter to give them the smell. I plonked all three in there before leaving the bedroom, and they had a whale of a time romping around! I've seen them all climb in and out now, so I know they can do it.


There will be photos today, and perhaps even video, but a friend of mine will need to post those, so you'll just have to wait a little longer! However, as usual, I'll give you their weights so that you can see how much they've grown.

The Baby: 392 grams.
Hamster: 395 grams.
Porker, 481 grams.
That big fatty will be breaking half a kg before the other two have really got their teeth into the 400s!

If the video won't load, view it HERE

1 comment:

Torie said...

Carly why can't they leave the pen? Could Tia not put them back in again if they did go too far?

Can the kittens not use the adult tray? I take it does it take a while before they can poo?

It's so amazing to see the difference in weights now, and compared to a few weeks ago that is fantastic! Xxx.