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Monday, 17 September 2012

Welll, that hit the nail on the head

<p>Well, I finally bit the bullet, plucked up all of my pathetic
little store of courage, and tackled the ravening hoard for nail
clipping. I thought it was going to be awful, but actually, it wasn't
that bad.</p>

<p>Stripe, drama queen extraordinaire, screamer, general wailer, sat
as good as gold the whole way through. She had a wriggle, but
generally let me get on with what I needed to do. And yes, I did check
just to make sure I actually had the right cat! Apache screamed and
whinged and yelled about the terrible torture this was! Red actually
bit me! It's all right though. Gave me a good chance to really get to
grips with his bite inhibition, and by the end of the clipping he'd
given up and was just letting me get on with it. Cream just tried to
squiggle away and not let me touch his paws. Bluecream didn't want to
be clipped at all, but after the obligatory whine, she went quiet,
devoting all of her energy instead to wriggling free and running away
from this mad, clipper wielding kitten murderer. I finished off the
clip with a nice long cuddle, or as long as the humans would allow,
just to make sure they knew I still loved 'em very much. Apache still
loves me. She purred! Otherwise I'm in the bad books.</p>

<p>I'm keeping a beady one on Millie whose teats are very, very full.
So far the kittens are managing to keep the amount under control, but
only just. Looks like I'll need to dig out my Urtica to give her soon
to stop the milk coming in. She's been a madam all evening. If she's
in the pen, she whines to come out. If I open the lid and let her out,
she whinges to go back in. if I let her in, she's back to complaining
that she wants back out again. Typical that she can't make up her mind

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