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Sunday, 16 September 2012

5 weeks old!

<p>Well, another milestone reached, and boy am I proud of them!
They've done well this week. They've had a lot of change and they've
coped with it all marvellously.</p>

<p>Friday saw the arrival of my new kitten owners as promised, but it
also saw the arrival of thekittens' new home! The pen was here at
last! Like the hospitable person I am, I set the visitors to work
building with the promise that they wouldn't get any coffee until it
was done! Ok, so the pen was actually blocking the coffee maker, but
the slave driver sentiment was there.</p>

<p>An hour later and they had their coffee and the kittens had their
new house complete with one rather large newcomer in the form of a
kitten owner who had crawled inside it after unwisely joking to us
that it was so big she could probably fit in it... We put it to the

<p>They all had a great time climbing all over her and squealing for
cuddles. I hadn't realised it before (a case of new eyes see clearest)
but they've learned how to make biscuits when you pick them up. This
lady pointed it out to me, and ever since then, I've noticed that they
all do it whenever I give 'em a cuddle. My red boy took a shine to,
lets call her Mrs GT, and literally screamed blue murder every time
she tried to put him down! The terrible tortie duo snuggled down, one
in each of Mr GT's arms and when right off to sleep. Berry and Dreamy
also enjoyed lots of loving, and Millie didn't bat an eyelid!.</p>

<p>I didn't see much of them on Saturday as I had to speed off to a
show, but we've spent a lovely day together today. I forgot how nice
it is having babies in the living room right under your nose. We've
had lots of cuddles, lots of splashing in the water bowl (I don't much
care for the resultant mess), tons of sibling tussles and even a new
toy in the form of a scary pipe cleaner spider which was killed
numerous times. My housemate made them a ramp of cardboard to access a
deeper litter tray that I put in, so most of the day has been spent
practicing running up and down this, sliding all the way down (if
you're really brave, you do this head first, then go off to find your
brothers and sisters to make sure they saw how cool you just were),
and generally doing everything with it except using it as an easy step
into the litter tray... Typical.</p>

<p>I've stopped weighing them every day now. I really should have done
them tonight, but I confess that I'm overly tired and really don't
have the patience to spend half an hour trying to convince wiggly
worms to sit still for the 2 seconds it takes for my scales to
register and vocalise a weight. Tomorrow, I think.</p>

<p>They're all eating without prompting now. I took a step back and
just started putting the food in and walking away. So far so good!</p>

<p>More photos soon, I promise, but now to the smashing news.
Yesterday, Gabby took 1st and best of breed in both shows that she was
entered in. In her side classes she got a first, 2 seconds and a
fourth against some very stiff competition. But the best complement of
the day came from the judge who was deciding on the best Persian
kitten in the show. I asked him for his opinion on my little Gobby
Gabby, and he told me that, while choosing, he had narrowed it down to
two. The eventual winner, and... my Gabby! So in effect, she was the
second best Persian kitten of the show! To add to that, another judge
mentioned that my grooming was absolutely superb, quite a big thing
when you're battling against malicious rumours started by a prominent
figure of the cat fancy that you don't groom your own cats and rely on
someone else to do it for you due to being incapable. To say I'm
chuffed would be an understatement. I can't wait for the next show

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