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Sunday, 9 September 2012

4 weeks old!

<p>Wow, it's hard to believe that these babies have now been here for
4 weeks. It seems like only yesterday that I was waiting anxiously for
news of Millie's C section from the vet. Last year, these first four
weeks went nice and slowly. It was everything after that that sped up.
I wonder what the next few weeks will be like?</p>

<p>Litter training is finally progressing slightly. Today we had a poo
right beside the tray, and we even had weewees in the tray itself! I'm
so proud! It's hard to stop myself from cleaning the tray out every
time they go in there, but I have to force myself to leave well alone
as the tray needs to be dirty so that they know where to toilet next

<p>The babies were let out of the pen altogether for the first time
today. They're such scaredykittens! They're all terribly brave until
they get out, and then they chicken out and all huddle together. Today
Millie got in on the action and called them all to her, then had a
great old time feeding them on the carpet.</p>

<p>Speaking of Millie, I've got news on her! Today we moved from raw
rabbit to raw gaime bird. I put a dish of warmed meat in for the
kittens, and low and behold, Millie stuck her face in the dish and ate
like there was no tomorrow! I could hardly believe it! This is the cat
that will absolutely not touch most things, and turned her nose up at
the rabbit! She almost cleared the whole plate of food.</p>

<p>We're going through this raw at an incredible rate now that
Millie's joined in. By tomorrow morning, we'll have done 1 entire kg,
and it was only delivered the day before yesterday, and only fed for
the first time yesterday morning! It's brilliant though as I can give
the kitten plates to Gabby who will happily hoover up anything they
haven't managed to eat, so she gets her full meals usually, and
there's absolutely no waste!</p>

<p>It's interesting. She doesn't eat much raw at all, and yet she has
showed absolutely 0 interest in the dry food bowl which is down all
the time. Since having her first taste of raw, Millie has done no more
than pick at the dry food too. Coincidence? Hard to know.</p>

<p>That's it for now. I should have new photos for you tomorrow!</p>

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