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Sunday, 23 September 2012

6 weeks old

<p>Six weeks old? I know I always say this, but the time feels like
it's flown in. These babies are growing so, so fast. They're pretty
much miniature cats now, and are all muscle thanks to this raw diet
and constant play. If they're not playing now, they're sleeping. They
will literally fall over where they stand in mid pounce for a quick
bit of shut eye.</p>

<p>They were allowed out of the pen again today to go exploring. Red
did his typical bouncey bouncey thing and had a super time. He's so
boisterous, this little man. He loves his cuddles, but he won't sit
still for them, preferring instead to run all over your knee to see
what new things there are to look at. He's purring like a motor the
whole time though. He's going to need a young, feisty cat in his new
home, one that will play pretty much all of the time and won't take
any nonsense, otherwise he has the potential to get very bored and
unhappy. He may have to go with a littermate if he's being rehomed
with an older cat, and, unless he changes a lot, probably wouldn't be
suitable as a single kitten with a family who aren't at home for most
of the day.</p>

<p>Blueberry spent all of her time out running away from mummy and
getting very, very told off for it. She seems to be the one that
Millie is most concerned about. Millie followed her everywhere, then
tried to round up all of her brood, but when you have five of them all
wanting to go in different directions, it's a lost cause. Eventually
she came and sat by me, let out the loudest sigh of disgust and leaned
over for a chin rub. Gabby absolutely disgraced herself and ended up
being shut out of the room after I had to bodily haul a totally
stunned Apache out of her grasp as Gabby scruffed and cuffed the poor
little girl. She's so rough, and the difficulty is that she's young
enough that she regards these babies as toys to play with. She's going
to need a lot of close supervision.</p>

<p>Stripey is now copying her mum's tactic while in the pen. She has
learned to scream and scream and scream as though something is wrong
because when you do that, the human comes running and has to check
everyone all over which means lots of tickling and cuddling (I do it
like this so that they don't realise they're being poked and prodded).
That means lots of attention, and if you scream real hard, the human
will even pick you up for a cuddle. If that doesn't work, biting your
sleeping brothers and sisters definitely gets you picked up as the
human doesn't want them all being woken up. She's a little minx!
Typical tortie! I really love her though. She makes me giggle every
single day.</p>

<p>They're all due to be professionally photographed tomorrow. I
really wanted to bath them before hand, but I just didn't have the
time. Typical. Ah well, let's hope they polish up nice with a bit of
judicious grooming. Fingers crossed!</p>

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