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Monday, 10 September 2012


<p>We're making progress! We only had one or two wees on the floor
today, and I think that was because the trays had been very, very well
used by the time I made it home from work to clean up, so I can
understand it. Although I have someone check on the kittens every few
hours, they won't clean trays which is a shame.</p>

<p>Weaning has also taken a step up. Today is the first day that some
of them will eat without me having to shove food in their mouths. They
all come running as soon as I go in with the food, then mill around
and don't really know what to do next. This results in fights breaking
out, because when you're a kitten and you don't know what to do, the
best thing to do is to take a chunk out of your sister. That always
helps put the big new world back in perspective! I don't know who is
eating independently because I don't want to touch them to find out as
it distracts them, but I'm guessing it's not little Berry as she's
lost 9 grams since yesterday. I'm not too concerned. She hasn't been
as enthusiastic about the food as everyone else, so her weight is
going to be all over the place until she gets the will to eat. hunger
is one of the primary drives for the kittens to wean, so as tempting
as it is to supplement her, I won't as it would then take away her
urge to hunt for new food sources.</p>

<p>I've also been taking Millie out now at weaning time and leaving
the kittens to it. She loves their food so much that she just eats
everything, and if I'm there, they get so excited to see me that they
forget to eat. It means that I don't know who's eating what, but as
none of them have lost for 2 days running, I'm going to have to be
content with not knowing!</p>

<p>These cats love the raw food more than I can tell you. The only one
who hasn't eaten a thing is Tia. I suspect if I had more time I could
force the issue, but I don't so I won't just yet. I'm still hoping
that she will try it of her own free will, as I really think she'd
like it.</p>

<p>I've noticed the first active toy play today. One of the torties,
Stripe I think, was caught in the act of whapping a pingpong ball then
chasing it, finding it, attacking it and then falling flat on her fat
little tummy when it unexpectedly ran away from her again! It's so
funny when they're learning about balls. Someone's also been playing
with the straw as it's very flattened, but i don't know who as I've
not seen that one in action.</p>

<p>They all need to have their claws clipped, but I'm terrified of
doing it. I did three last year at 4 weeks and never have I sweated so
much in my life! It's nerve wracking because they're so small! I'll
need to pluck up the courage and do it before the weekend though, as
those claws are getting so, so long! They'll also be having their
first baths soon. Their coats are coming in beautifully, and since
we've started raw, there has been not one dirty back end, so for that
reason alone I love it!</p>

<p>Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's two little cuties at 4 weeks

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