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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Photos! Apache

<p>Thanks to Blogger changing its interface, I can no longer upload
photos there, so I'm posting by email. I'm going to have to create a
new post for every photo which irks me, but here goes. Hopefully
they'll post!</p>

<p>Well, as promised, we have photos! These were all taken by a
photographer friend of mine. He normally does weddings, but a good cup
of coffee can entice him into happy snapping my little monsters!</p>

<p>The kittens are coming out every day now, and Gabby is slowly
getting better with them. She still needs close supervision when she's
with them, but tonight she only made them squeal twice in ten minutes,
and that's a massive improvement. They had some lovely games of chase
around the room where everyone was playing happily together. I've
watched her closely tonight and she's not pouncing on them. She lies
down to play with them which is a good sign, but then forgets herself
and gets far too rough. But at least progress is being made!</p>

<p>These babies are so cheeky when it comes to getting their cuddles.
Today, red sat beside me and smacked my leg with both of his paws
until I picked him up and kissed him into submission. Apache jumped
around all over my feet squeaking away until I snuggled that fat belly
to within an inch of its life. Dreamy cried at me until i gave in and
picked him up for the quiet cuddling that he loves so much. Berry was
too busy fighting with a piece of litter to acknowledge me. But Stripe
used the big girl litter tray today! Ok, she needed putting in there
to get the idea, but whereas all the others jumped straight out again,
she had a wee, then tried to jump out but fell off the little step
I've made for them. She wrighted herself, then ran off burbling, very
proud of herself, and told mummy and the others all about it. This
then resulted in a line of kittens all going in to have an explore,
but Stripey was still the solo widdler.</p>

<p>Each day that passes, I love these kittens more and more. I swore I
wouldn't get attached this time, but I've given up on that now. I hope
the next 7 weeks pass very, very slowly!</p>

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