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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Very quick update

<p>Sorry, but this is going to be short and sweet as I've got to be up
in less than 6 hours for work tomorrow!</p>

<p>The kittens are doing excellently again! We've had no wees on the
floor today, but we've had a regression with three poos on the floor.
Still, thanks to raw, these are firm and haven't messed up the kittens
at all! Have I mentioned I love raw yet?</p>

<p>I've had some of the biggest weight gains so far today. Apache and
Berry gained a massive 30G each! When you consider that the accepted
amount is 10G per day, that's pretty good going! Apache is now only 6G
behind Berry who is the next smallest.</p>

<p>They all came out for a play on the floor today and were intent on
escaping from the shelter of my legs! The two torties spend all their
time either escaping or climbing the human for a cuddle. They now come
running every time I go into the room! The sound of those tiny feet on
the pen floor is just too cute!</p>

<p>To celebrate her success, here's Apache, unable to keep that tongue
in her mouth!</p>

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