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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's Competition Time!

I'd like to diverge away from kittens today, but believe me, it'll be worth it! Why, you ask? Because I'd like to take the opportunity to run a competition.

I am offering one lucky person the chance to win a pair of tickets to visit the Supreme Cat show which will be held on the 19th of November in the NEC in Birmingham. This is an absolutely amazing show which is the equivalent of Krufts in the cat world. Normal cat shows get anywhere between 200 and 300 entries, but the Supreme gets an average of 1600! All the pens are decorated, and cats have to qualify by winning a CC to enter, so it's only the best of the best that can be shown there. This is truly a cat lover's paradise. If looking at cats all day isn't enough, there are tons of trade stands there, most of which have special offers, and all of which sell just about anything you can imagine for the cat lover and their cat. you will be able to see pretty much every breed of cat that is registered with the GCCF, and maybe get to cuddle a few too! You also have the opportunity to watch them being judged, something which is usually forbidden in GCCF shows. Household pets enter too, so there is literally every type of cat imaginable there! This is an amazing prize, as tickets are quite expensive.

I will be attending the show with two of my cats, and thought this would be a nice chance to give others the opportunity to attend. It really is a smashing day out. Of course, if you win, I'd ask that you come and find me and my beautiful cats, but you would anyway, right?

To enter, please just leave a comment on this blog telling me why you would like the chance to visit the Supreme. The winner will be picked by a random generator, and the competition runs for 2 weeks. Even if you don't live in England, you can still enter. If you want to travel to the show then I'm happy to help source hotels for you, or if you'd rather not come but know someone who would love to, then you are welcome to donate the tickets to others. I would also ask that you spread the word to as many others as possible through Facebook, Twitter etc. Now, let the competition begin!


Nat McMinn said...

ME ME ME!! I've never been to a cat show before, but I'd really love to go! It's 3 days after my birthday too, could have a weekend break! :)

Jewel said...

I am not actually entering this, because I live too far away and could not travel to it, but hope it goes well for you. Have only just realised you are English too.

Thanks for your comment, on Kizzie's blog, to answer your question, any strong glue such as Bostick or UHU would do to make the teepee - also use clothes pegs to hold it in place while it dries.

Oliver said...

If all the cats in the show are as cute and beautiful as your Persian ones than I would love to be there!

jimmiechew said...

we can not go to the show (we live too far)But i would give the prize to a blog friend that lives in the Uk who has the cutest cats!!!
Good luck to everyone!!!