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Monday, 1 August 2011

Five Weeks Old!

Well, they're five weeks old today, and I don't know where the time has gone to. Most of the last five weeks have passed in a blurr thanks to hardly any sleep, and demanding babies. However, things are looking up!

you remember my last post all about poo? Well, fingers crossed, but I haven't had any poo incidents either yesterday or today! Little girl was definitely the culprit, but she seems to have sorted things out. of course, as soon as I say that, she's going to have the runs all over the place. I've changed their diet too though which may be helping. They came off nature's Menu and went onto Bozita instead. If you don't already feed this, you should try it. The Pate variety is excellent for weaning kittens! Porker is putting on so, so much weight, and looks very fat and healthy, as do the others. I had someone over to look at them yesterday, and she commented that they were massive for five weeks old! I think it's the good food they've had. A lot of breeders will try and cut costs by feeding softened dry food etc, and I can understand it, as all wet food is very expensive, but I think it definitely shows in the size of the kittens. Bozita is a BARF diet, and since they've been on it, their poos have become less smelly, and the Baby has toiletted appropriately!

They learn so quick, these kittens. They seem to learn it all in the night as well. yesterday, the Baby learned how to jump, and although she still hasn't mastered it and appears totally surprised every time she does it, she's teaching the others too! They've all been out for short periods of supervised play on the carpet, and she's so quick already that she even outruns mum when Tia goes to bring her back. I think she's going to be an absolute handful.

All three of them have learned to climb the mesh at the front of the pen, and are really in danger of coming out over the top, Hamster in particular. he gets the highest, but all three scream to be taken out and, if not cuddled, then allowed to explore. The Baby loves a stroke, but still isn't purring consistently. Porker will cuddle with you and then wrestle you into submission when he's had enough. Hamster is the best snuggler, but only when he's in the mood. If he wants to play, nothing will persuade him to have love instead, although in fairness, that's true for all of them.

I've seen all three go to the dish by themselves now and eat, although I'll give them a little helping hand and a prod in the right direction when I'm around during the day. Porker, in typical Porker fashion, is gaining the most. He's increased his lead now to a solid 100 grams. This food really is amazing though.

I left them alone for the first time last night. I kept them in the pen in the living room, and I went to bed all alone. I want Tia to stay away from them a little bit now, because the longer she's not with them, the less the demand on her milk supply and consequently, the less she'll produce. It also makes the kittens hungry and forces them to search out the solids dish. Now those who have been following me all along will remember that Tia is my shadow. I can't move without her with me, and had to shift the kittens into the bedroom when I went just so that she'd continue to feed them through the night. So my plan of going to bed was fool proof, right? She'd come with me and kits would fend for themselves. Wrong. She came into my room only twice; once to use the litterbox, and a second time to throw up on my carpet. I found the latter by stepping in it. I have to say that I felt quite lonely last night with no furries for company, and it was very, very strange sleeping without Tia around. I hope her personality changes don't persist, as she's much less cuddly now than before she had the babies.

When I got up this morning, all were happy and bouncing around. They've been playing a lot today, but unfortunately, pictures weren't taken. I've been faithfully promised that they will be tomorrow though, so watch this space!

As usual, I'll finish off this post with their weights so that you can see the progress for yourself. This week, they all have an 8 in them somewhere!

The Baby: 448 grams. As you can see, she hasn't gained much, but this is normal when transitioning to solids. The slight weight loss and the hunger drives them to search out and eat the food. She's gained 16 grams in the last day though.
Hamster: 488 grams.
Porker: 588 grams. What a little fatty he is! he's all muscle though.

Oh, just as a last thing, I've been featured today in The Cat's Whiskers
a blog written by a breeder friend of mine. It's got a lot of useful information in, so you really should go and have a look! Please do comment as well, as I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!

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Everycat said...

It sounds like their personalities are coming out fast. There will be no stopping them now. Bozita is really good food too!